DSL Tips and Tricks :: 1)Keyboard layout 2)Cd-rom, Floppy, USB mount

Hi at all ! :)

I am a newbie about DSL, usually i use Debian Lenny+KDE 3.5.9 and for this reason i don't know very well console...

I have DSL 4.2.5, i need to change keyboard layout (it is possible to edit a file or i need to install "language pack" ?) and i need to understand how i can mount cd-rom, floppy and usb.

I can use to find usb:
fdisk -l | grep sd

After i can create a directory on:

mount /dev/sdX /mnt/new_directory


Keyboard... kill X, at prompt:

Mounting is accomplished by right-clicking on dfm icons and scrolling to mount and choosing the device. Unmounting can be done the same way. Optionally, you can mount by right-clicking on mount points in emelfm (navigate to /mnt). Or you can mount in console with a simple command to mount:
mount /mnt/auto/cdrom
mount /mnt/sda1

Check /etc/fstab for the mount points set for various devices. You shouldn't need to use a full mount (-t fs /dev/point /mnt/point) command with hotplug.

Edit - Please pay attention to the thread descriptions. This thread's description says, "Post your tips and tricks here.  No 'help me' type posts please." The answer to your questions is also available via a search of the forums...

The keyboard selector in the Control panel should be what you want - xsetup.sh calls it too I think.
So I've been playing around a little bit with keyboard layouts.

What I'm really interested in is getting Randall Munroe's "mirrorboard" to work:

+  http://blag.xkcd.com/2007/08/14/mirrorboard-a-one-handed-keyboard-layout-for-the-lazy/

DSL obviously doesn't ship with xkbcomp.  Saw xkeycaps.dsl in the repository, but didn't see an obvious way to make that work either.

The thought just occurred to me to make a bunch of fluxbox keybindings.  Seems that'd work, and 'twould be nice to have that functionality in your basic backup.tar.gz, and not depend on loading an extension..

I'm going to go ahead and give it a shot now.

Can yall think of any other ways to fully customize keyboard layouts though?

The console keymaps included are plain text, just gzipped, and X uses them if xkb keymaps aren't there (and they aren't..), so they can be edited pretty easily. They live in /usr/share/keymaps
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