DSL Tips and Tricks :: How to install DSL to the hard drive

Just some minor points which might let you streamline your method.

I don't understand why you need to erase in step 3, you're going to repartition and format in later steps. Your note says you removed this step but it still appears as step 3.

While you are in cfdisk I believe that it is only necessary to do the write to disk operation once at the end and it will pickup all the changes made during that cfdisk session. If I was doing this I would choose to reboot after that operation to make sure the system sees my changes.

In step 13 you formatted hda1 and then in step 16 you chose to format hda1 again. Probably formatting a partition once is enough.

I did a Frugal install, added several applications, did a system/backup, rebooted and did a system/restore but all my applications are gone!

can a .unc file be converted to a .dsl so I can go back to using a hard drive install which did save everything.


mydsl extensions are NOT in your backup/resrtore.
It would take forever if that was the case!
Please read Getting Started again!

hint: Use a mydsl directory to save the downloaded extensions.

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