DSL Tips and Tricks :: DSC-II or Damn Small Capio II

I found that under kernel 2.4.26 the USB stick is not seen, unless:

- Capio booted under DOS with the usbaspi.sys and di1000dd.sys
 USB drivers to make the stick visible under DOS  
- Then boot using loadlin _from_ the USB stick

So yes, now I have 2.3RC1 running on the Capio .
Time permitting I will post a full howto plus an image of my DOC somewhere on the web.

Making the DOC visible as a file system from DSL is simple:

- sudo bash  or start a terminal as root

> mknod /dev/nftla1 b 93 1
> mkdir /doc
> mount /dev/nftla1 /doc

- to be continued -  :;):

totally rad Michel dude!

"silence is golden"

Any chance you could get it to boot directly into DSL by putting the boot floppy image on the DOC?
You'd have to rebuild the kernel or set the system up to see the DOC as a file system, e.g. /dev/nftla and /nftla1 should be mknod'd and mounted at boot time. No idea how to do this though.

My idea is simply let DOS be the boot loader, and let autoexec.bat run loadlin on the usb stick.

Michel  ???

Good news for UK based DSL'ers:

On Ebay a lot of four Capio II's is for sale for only UKP 13!!

See http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=9702221824

Shipping is just a bit too much for me to NL, but for 23 pounds you have 4 of the things at home. (And I 'll upgrade all your DOC's for one of them ;-)  .



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