Cool Things :: DSL server.

Yup. I have
- one 1800MHz and one 700MHz (found from basement) hanging around here
- about 20 SCSI HDs, 10 of them are enough big to use. One or two SCSI cards.
- 10 fans to make sure air flows.  :D

First I try that 700MHz. If it still works then I'll have it as my server.
I'll give it a try with my DSL server 'plugin'.
Plugin as: 60Mb memory stick with configs and apps + DSL CD to turn about any computer to a server.

I'll send some pics about my work later. Let's hope that I will get those SCSI HDs working. :;):
I'll lose my 'life' because of this, but I hope eventually to get some benefit from this server project.

cool server! can't wait to see thoes pics
Heck ya!

I definitely wanna see this!


hell, 796 mhz has become my regular pc!
Right now I'm coding a script that mounts partitions automatically.
I've been talking with my friends and I said if they want some space from my server they sould give me a hard drive. ;)
My room mate alredy gave his old 6 Gb HD.
Then I thought that the idea of portable server would crush into that. But when I plan that script it will first check every unmounted mount. If there's a mark that tells wich user owns that mount it will mount it for that user to a location that user has specified.
To make it secure it will need some testing before actual relase. One thing that will make it secure is to force it to mount any partitions only to $HOME directory.

Finally, I really got a good idea. :D

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