Cool Things :: John and Robert interviewd by distrowatch

Distrowatch weekly interviewed John and Robert this week. Read the interview at:
Nice interview John and Robert. I liked John's comment about the 12yr old eating pizza in reference to bloat. :)

That should be a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the philosophy of DSL. Might be good to link that interview in the wiki.

The puppy defenders rushed to defend but I didn't see that RS or John said anything bad about puppy. Two different OS's with two different approaches.

I'm glad both guys mentioned about the $100 laptop program. I know Red Hat has their fingers in it but, man, getting John and RS involved seems to be a no-brainer to me to get this thing into the market in a reasonable amount of time.


I did see some 'talk' in the postings appearing to be defending puppy.
Some mention about "running in ram" ( hello?) and the applications
included..  but not much defense mentioning the points RS made..

I wouldn't have picked THAT distro to make comparisons to DSL anyway.

Nice to see some exclusive action at DW !


"John and I have discussed offering only a tiny "app-less" core. This would then solely rely on our infrastructure to have the distro totally your way."

it would be pretty great!!! Just keep going on that interesting way with modular DSL-Sized images. Pretty nice interview.


I guess I should have scrolled down a little further cuz I just posted the same link to the interview. DOH!

Good reading and well deserved recognition.


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