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NCID, Network Caller ID located at is a cool concept.

The idea is that you have one computer on the network with a caller-id equiped modem (this also assumes you have the caller-id service from your phone company). This one computers runs NCIDD (the daemon part of the service). Which reads the caller-id information when the phone rings and then broadcasts it over the home network.  Machines (Linux, Windows, Apple, TiVo, etc) on the network have 'listener' programs running that then display the caller-id information.

Here's what I've done so far.... The only machine I that has a caller-id modem is running Ubuntu with a Conexant modem.  It runs NCIDD when it starts.  For my DSL machines where I want to run the listener program (ncid) I've needed to add the Tcl uci, because NCID is written in Tcl.  It works fine. There are even options to trigger other programs based on the caller ID information. So you could record a sound or a phrase and then have it played back when that person calls.

Anyway... just thought it was a neat concept. If someone knows of something similar or better please post it.  It would also be nice if the NCID program was written in something native to DSL so I didn't have to use the Tcl add-in, but that's life.

Sounds like a cool concept. I have heard of similar programs in the past but never got around to checking them out. It would be alot more convenient considering I am staring at my monitor most of the time and have to get up to check the caller id.

Just think how many more people would look up to you if you created a .dsl or .uci for this thing that you speak of.

Green.... I'm not sure how'd you go about doing a .dsl or .uci for it since it needs the Tcl.uci   I've got some 'down-time' from work, which is why I've been more active on the board but I don't have the experience to know what to do.   I'm not too fimilar with Tcl.  I would like to re-write an ncid client in Perl, Python, Flua...

Adssse... yep, same here. The phone that displays caller id never seems to be near me but a computer screen is never far away... I suppose that says something about my life....  now I'll have to spend the rest of the night surpressing that thought....

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