Events, Lugs, and Get-Togethers :: DAMNSMALL at LINUXWORLD SF - 2005

Looks very cool. Thanks for the insight and hope I will be able to go sometime down the road.
Thanks for the interesting post. Almost as good as being there. :-)
Looked like a good time.  Were you able to spread the word much?  Did you get to hand out any liveCDs?  Did you have a booth?
Yes, we spread the word, handed out many cds. Impressed many, including some skeptical hardware vendors, where we booted up and demo'ed DSL!. Many knew of us!  Personally, I ran into, John "Mad Dog" Hall, he remember me from the first Linux World, where I was a presenter (Linux and the City of Garden Grove). I handed him a cd too! It was indeed alot of fun. The weather was beautiful; so cool!
Most excellent guys!

Seems like you rubbed elbows with the big boys and made some new friends!

Keep up the excellent work guys!

Oh and Robert you dont look like sleepy...


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