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Quote (roberts @ May 26 2008,02:16)
I have mount.lua working in tiny core. But jwm has no slit so mount.lua starts from menu. But mount.lua's tiny size makes it hard to move as the window minimize, maximize and close controls occupy the entire title bar.

I don't know if changing the width of the border from default 4 in the WindowStyle tag would help. (max is 32)

I am thinking that it is the window manager that add and places these controls. Not sure how Lua/Fltk via murgaLua bindings could communicate control of them. Probably easiest to just make the window a bit wider so that it is easy to click-grab title area to move.

I know I could have borderless but then would have to add a close button.

On jwm swallow, I am not sure that I would want the mount tool to be running all the time. A quick launch button would be OK. But then we into the "I don't like your text labels". Perhaps I will use T M P for terminal, mount tool, and panel.

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