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anyone familiar with lighttpd using lua scripts ?

i'm trying to call a lua script by supplying a query string in a link ;

<a href="goto_date.lua?31-3-2008">1</a>

but don't know how to get to the query string argument(s)

arg[0] only holds the program path
arg[1] is nil

how do i get the date ?  ???

Not sure I understand if this is based on user input or parsing some date variable. Try this yet?

It's an environment variable

Try os.getenv("QUERY_STRING")

Here's an example I have in one of my in-progress cgi scripts
Code Sample
-- break up query string
params=" "..string.gsub(os.getenv("QUERY_STRING"),"&"," ").." "

function get_param(var)
local p=string.gsub(params,".*"..var.."=(.-)%s.*","%1")
-- strip any naughty leading path


This particular function breaks up a string that uses the format
The lua script would end up setting var_a="something" and var_b="somethingelse"

tks mikshaw, that's just what i was looking for.
mikshaw wrote:
Here's an example I have in one of my in-progress cgi scripts

Just curious, did the existing cgi.lua not work for you?

We have had cgi.lua together with sample lua scripts for monkey webserver since before murgaLua.

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