Programming and Scripting :: Lua to MurgaLua conversion

Is there an easy way to convert LUA scripts to MurgaLUA, or is there an extension that allows LUA scripts to run in recent versions of DSL?
I believe it mostly depends on the Lua version for which the script was written, and on the modules, if any, that the script loads.

Any Lua 5.1 scripts that use pure Lua should run without modification in murgaLua
Lua 5.0 should probably also work, but *may* require some modification here and there.
Lua 4 scripts will probably require some editing, as they have some functions that were changed (for example, strfind is now string.find, format is now string.format, and openfile is now

It would probably be best to look through both 4.x and 5.x Lua manuals to see the differences.

Personally I haven't seen any Lua 5 scripts (that dont load modules) that don't work in the latest murgaLua.

If you know of any conversion script for Lua4 to Lua5 I'm guessing that will be pretty close to the best you can get for murgaLua at this time.

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