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The glue has finished:
From the bottom:

While cutting the T I created some holes, so I partly closed them with epoxy, but left a bit for air to flow through, don't want to overheat the system..

Oh yeah, tools of a modder ;) My dremel-copy and a soldering iron..

I realized I hadn't posted a single pic of the top part. Mostly 'cause I had done nothing to it ;), but now I dremeled some vain plastic away, so this is how it looks now:

That's all for today; The ultrabright blue led will arrive at the end of the month, so it will not be finished 'til then.. But now to planning where will I stick the motherboard.

tinker: Nope, I won't overclock it.. 703Mhz is plenty for my needs, expecially with that much ram. Also I won't include many fans in it, so overclocking might get it overheated..
Here's where I will place the mobo in the finished product:

As you can see, I decided the place of the motherboard when I had about 70% of the project done. :D it's actually good planning, many of the others have said they only regret they didn't plan better, and have an extra hole or something.
The place I chose is the best (I think), it will support the mobo, lock it down with 2 screws (and I'll add 2-3 more to the center), and give enough space to everything. Oh, and when you open up the hatch, you'll see some cool intestants ;)

I couldn't make the heat sink fit, so I gave it a new hair style:
What do you think?

This new haircut might let less heat through, so I will replace the cracked, age old silicon paste with some new silver one. And reposition the 2cm cpu fan ;)

Ugh. Why didn't you just cut the fins down on the heat sink? It's still not the best solution (surely you can find a low profile or radial heat sink for mini itx?), but pushing them together like that defeats the purpose.
I have to agree with lucky13, you would probably be better served by a low profile heatsink fan combination. You already mentioned that you have some concern about heat inside the case. You have somewhat compromised the efficiency of that heatsink by bending it like that, in addition to making it necessary to find a new place to mount the fan. Chances are good that it will work as you have done it so you could probably use it like that while you are waiting for a new cooler to arrive. If it was me, I would make sure to use some software to monitor CPU temp while in operation. IIRC, those FCPGA P3's have a max of 70C.
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