Hardware Talk :: CPU fan speed control app?

Any simple tool to control CPU fan speed?

I'd like to set different fan speeds at specific temperatures for my laptop.

I found this:


   Enables the determination of temperature limits for triggering specific actions, like passive or active cooling, suspension (hot), or a shutdown (critical). The possible actions are defined in the DSDT (device-dependent). The trip points determined in the ACPI specification are critical, hot, passive, active1, and active2. Even if not all of them are implemented, they must always be entered in this file in this order. For example, the entry echo 90:0:70:0:0 > trip_points sets the temperature for critical to 90 and the temperature for passive to 70 (all temperatures measured in degrees Celsius).

But I can't set active2 setting. ;(

And anyways I have active0 setting:
cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/C155/trip_points
critical (S5):           102 C
passive:                 80 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=100 devices=0xcffdaf00
active[0]:               45 C: devices=0xcffd5dc0
active[1]:               40 C: devices=0xcffd5ee0
active[2]:               55 C: devices=0xcffd5fe0

Ok. And the values are changing. So there's a program that changes those values? How can I tune it?

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