Hardware Talk :: Does the DSL store sell a media server?

I'm looking about for prices on a quiet mini-itx kind of system that I can put in a living room to play videos from a samba share on the tv in the living room. Those cool little computers in the dsl store look great but I don't know if any of those mini-itx systems have pci slots in them so I could install a tv card that has a s-video output on it. There anything like that up in there?
if you look carefully at the pics, the epia 5000 has a pci slot. there is also a built in tv.out.
Interesting. Oh okay I see it now. Though it looks like the case that the epia comes in, the morex 3688, isn't wide enough to actually fit a full sized graphics card. Would I have to get some kind of specialized mini pci card if I needed more power than the integrated graphics?

I wonder how fast is that integrated graphics? My current media server has an nvidia mx4000, which is, you know, way out of date, but it's still capable of playing most HD content without dropping frames on a linux system, though I have to have the nvidia driver installed first. Is the integrated graphics on the epia equivalent to something like an mx4000, performancewise? And what about the drivers for it, is that kind of thing included in most common distros? I've never seen drivers for accelerated video of integrated cards like that but then again I've never looked.

the epia 5000 uses a Trident CyberBlade i1 video accelerator.
i think it might be old enough to be supported by the xfree86 (there's a mydsl for xfree86).

it's also supported by mplayer using vidix,  (although i've never got vidix to work).

Cool, thanks for the info humpty!
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