News :: Yet Another DSL Review

Very nice, serious review of 2.0 that includes a blurb about MyDSL.

About time someone notices it!

He also points out all the nice new lua-fltk wrappers we have for things. You can expect more things with lua-fltk in the future, as it is a great way to make apps!

(And on a personal note, he says some very nice things about my Floppy and PCMCIA tools~ Yay me!~)


Did you notice they are selling a DSL 2.0 book for $24.95?

Has anyone here read a copy?


I dont have the newest version of the book, but I do have the version from July. That copy is based on dsl 1.2.1, it is a pretty good read for a newer dsl user.
I really like the fact he mentions MYDSL, and has some nice screenshots of different apps and the toolbar buttons...

Most just slap up screenshots and dont describe nothing..he went into decent details!
Damn Small Linux has updates very often and there is continual meaningful development. In fact, there is so much devleopment it is hard to keep on top of it!

Good review!


original here.