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Finally the guys at Debian have realized that somebody uses a Debian based live distro.

The Debian Live Initiative has been finally accepted as an official Debian project.

I think this is good news.

I wonder, if this is no secret, if the DSL core mantainers have been approached or if they (you) think to knock on Debian's door.

Knoppix and DSL should be the base of any official Debian live project.
Given the lastest trend, it'd be a disaster if Ubuntu was taken as a model.

I don't know you, guys, but I just cannot stand Ubuntu...

What is wrong with current live systems?

There are already several Debian-based live systems and they are doing a great job. But, from the Debian perspective, most of them have one or more of the following disadvantages:

   * They are unofficial projects, developed outside of Debian.
   * They mix different distributions, e.g. testing and unstable.
   * They support i386 only.
   * They change package's behavior and/or appearance by stripping them down to save space.
   * They including unofficial packages.
   * They ship custom kernels with additional patches not part of Debian.
   * They are large and slow due to their sheer size and thus not suitable for rescue issues.
   * They are not available in different flavours, e.g. CDs, DVDs, USB-stick and netboot images

Obviously they havent looked at DSL...yes the stuff above the bold is bad..but what do you expect!  Show me any other fully useable desktop that fits inside 50MB...well duh..of course you have to strip and do some crazy things..but damn show me any other distro that even comes close (without using the DSL core as base)

It will be nice to see what they do with a "debian pure" live CD that is completely debian packages..but I guarantee it wont be small or as near as fast as DSL, but I guarantee it will be nice!


I think it will be very interesting to see what they come up with, and look forward to giving it a shot.
I think that the concept of a single disk livecd that can also be a Debian install cd would be a great idea.

I would like to see a little less of the "attitude" towards other livecd projects however.

Of course, when the geniuses who think they can do better actually try to do it, it will be interesting to see how "pure" and "official" they can make their livecd.

For example, they may be able to build a livecd using only official Debian packages and scripts and hierarchy, but my guess is that it will suffer in one way or another, probably in the area of hardware detection and support.

KNOPPIX is an example of a project that "gets it".  They understand that hardware support is priority #1 and they also have a useful mix of Debian packages for user applications.  The KNOPPIX guys are even nice enough to package all of their custom scripts into nice Debian packages so they can be installed/uninstalled/upgraded just like anything from the official repository.  But for all of their trouble, they get insults from this "team".

The beauty of KNOPPIX is that it CAN be turned into a "real" Debian hard drive installation and can be purified to a 100% stable or 100% unstable distribution if necessary.

The KNOPPIX team has probably done more for the advancement and exposure of Debian than any other unofficial (or maybe even official) Debian-based project and for this they are considered to be an example of a "disadvantage"?

KNOPPIX tries to stay true to the standard linux (and Debian) kernel, but some trivial patches or additional driver modules are needed in order to support long bootup command lines and additional hardware.  They do not "customize" the kernel just for the fun of it.  They only make changes that are ABSOLUTELY necessary to accomplish the goal of the project, and nothing more.

Of course it cracks me up that these comments are coming from the same crowd who until very recently had a very SAD excuse for an installer, which is why for years KNOPPIX was always the smart choice if you wanted a Debian hard drive installation done and done quickly.

Given how long it took them to come up with a decent installer, I expect that we will see a decent livecd from them around 2016 or so.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Debian project and use it every day.

I just wish they could promote their livecd concept without the need to use the "Debian Perspective" to put down the work of others who came before them.

Wow...true true true, and really not even harsh...just true...perhaps if they worked with the knoppix crew it would go faster...because I guarantee they wont be able to produce anything as nice without completely re-writing all thier boot stuff


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