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The page was just updated; I didn't catch the changes, but I feel it's time to give it a go.
Expect an extension of Dillo 2-dev soon at a server near you :)

..or not; Dillo 2 does not compile :(
It seems to run fine so far, using code checked out from cvs today.

Some stats, listed in VSZ, RSS (in KB iirc), visited in this order:

1. Startup (local file): 5752, 3280
2. DSL forums, logged in: dillo-fltk: 8892, 5380 + dpid: 1476, 480 + cookies.dpi: 1480, 508; total: 11848, 6368
3. MyDSL uci, downloaded 1 uci: dillo-fltk: 9492, 6020 + dpid: 1476, 480 + cookies.dpi: 1480, 512 + downloads.dpi: 4636, 2056; total: 17084, 9068

downloads.dpi is the popup that shows the current downloads (which is like the one in 0.8.6 if enabled - looks like DSL uses 0.8.5 for some reason)
This happened all in one window session.

`du /opt/dillo2` shows 1604

I don't think making an extension is a good idea atm, but I'll leave that up to you guys.


Added: my (rough) build guide
* did not use any specific optimizing flags - looks like it configures itself to the current system

Build environment: DSL 3.4.11 base
* mydsl-load gnu-utils gcc1-with-libs

fltk2: 2.0.x-r6132 weekly
* downloaded via official site
* disabled glut, test (glpuzzle fails, didn't want to investigate or add the libs/headers since dillo doesn't need opengl)

dillo2: latest cvs
* mydsl-load perl5.8.0 openssl-0.9.7j-includes ssl-link-fix cvs
* m4 1.4.11 (req perl for build)
* autoconf 2.62
* automake 1.10.1

* somewhat followed from
* even though if ssl isn't found, it doesn't seem to disable https

Running dillo-fltk:
* terminate old dillo/dpid/*.dpi etc first


Added: (rough) build guide 2 using compile-3.3.5

Build environment: DSL 3.4.11 base
* mydsl-load compile-3.3.5
* run mkwriteable if needed

fltk2: 2.0.x-r6132 weekly
* --disable-xinerama (compile-3.3.5 has the header, but is missing other files)
* remove glut, test

dw2/dillo2: cvs latest
* mydsl-load perl5.8.0 cvs
* see the dillo cvs page

compile-3.3.5 notes:
* xinerama header is included, but libs are not
* .../share/aclocal/gtk.m4:7 gives warning: underquote definition of AM_PATH_GTK during autogen - doesn't seem to be a show stopper
* openssl differences - compile-3.3.5 has openssl-0.9.7a whereas the extension used in the first guide is 0.9.7j
* didn't require to set CPPFLAGS for -I

Running dillo-fltk:
* terminate old dillo/dpid/*.dpi etc first
* `du /opt/dillo2` shows 1524 now

Why is perl needed? I didn't load it, and didn't see a single error or warning anywhere. My build stopped at dillo2, at the final linking stage, with:
ld: dillo.o doesn't seem like an object file, maybe a linker script?
make: Error 2
file src/dillo.o says it's broken DHTML, and head -n1 confirms it's DHTML code (?).
When I removed dillo.o to have it regenerated like a good autotooled sys, no go, couldn't even do make distclean.
Perhaps the build system was screwed at the time I fetched.

Perl might have been loaded for automake, which is written in Perl
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