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I've been watching this MS patent thing and I'm concerned. I'm concerned that this will stifle creativity and innovation.

I simply don't know what to think about MS anymore. All this boils down to is money, period. And Just how much more money does MS need?

Competition is good, and Linux is very serious competition. Nobody appointed MS the sole provider of software to the world. I really really hope that this patent stunt back fires and hurts MS hard.

P.S. Did MS patent the blue screen of death?

The only thing I think this will stifle is Microsoft itself. It can't use its old tricks to consume the open source community, and now it's getting desperate.

I also don't think the reputation of the community will suffer much, if at all.  If MS continues to simply make allegations as SCO has done, without specifics, this will become another joke and MS will be the one getting hurt.
Kind of like requiring that I have to go through all of Microsoft's patents prior to writing a program.  We also saw this with drug companies patenting natural herbs used for thousands of years.  Given that the legal system is owned by corporate interests backed by lawyers, I would guess that criminalizing the development & distribution of software could easily become the norm. Linux and open source could be seen as a basic violation of the right of a few people to own the minds and purse-strings of the masses.
Well it sounds like Micro$oft slacked off.  They were saying they were misunderstond and wanted only to talk about licensing fees.  I doubt Micro$oft patents would stand up in court anyway but who has deep pockets to fight that.

I am planning on writing my congresspersons because they are currently working on the patent laws.

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