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I did a fresh re-install of DSL a week ago (uptime: 09:27:20 up 7 days, 12:04) and one of the first things I decided to install was SeaMonkey 1.1.1 using the contributed GTK1 build tarball from the Mozilla website.

The only problem I've encountered -- and it's a very serious issue -- has been constant crashes related to Flash. I refuse to install Flash for a variety of reasons, primarily security and stability (see!). The crashes have occurred either upon clicking cancel when prompted to install the plug-in or shortly thereafter, such as when switching or closing affected tabs.

The SeaMonkey site has a list of known issues, including crashing related to Flash:

The developers recommend using the latest version of Flash -- not a solution for me since I don't want it on my computers. The way I was able to stop my crashes altogether was to block Flash content with the Flashblock extension. It sets placeholders for Flash content and allows the user to enable them via an icon on the tool bar. This is probably a good idea even if you use Flash plug-ins since it continues to be a security and bug issue. Be sure to read the issues related to Flashblock before installing; it has some quirks (like SeaMonkey has to be started twice before Flashblock activates).

I've revisited several of the sites that have caused me to crash previously and I'm no longer prompted for the plug-in and no longer crashing.


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You can also try the noScript extension, which I assume accomplishes the same task with a little different interface.
Although I've been using it with Firefox for some time, I have not seen whether it prevents the SeaMonkey crashes.

I use NoScript with Firefox, too. The problem is NoScript allows blocked Flash to start before stopping and blocking it. I assumed this would allow SeaMonkey to continue prompting me to install the Flash plug-in and from there go through the same cycle of crashes. I wanted -- rather, I need -- something that blocks all Flash by default and without any delays so my browser doesn't crash every 30-45 minutes (I'm hoarse from all the cussing).

See post from Jeffsey and what follows for this difference between Flashblock and NoScript:

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