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I have some limited experience with Linux. Mostly from trying different versions and failing to get them the way I wanted. Until I found DSL's LiveCD. This is just what I needed...A small funtioning Linux with Xwindows (I presume - or whatever desktop) functioning (that is was where I ran into probs before - getting the desktop up).

So since my cousin is busy right now I'll ask my first "Linux in general" question.

How do I upgrade a program?

DSL comes with Firefox 1.0.6. I DLed Firefox 2.0, unzipped the tarball...Now What?

Do I just replace the files in /usr/local/firefox??? Should I have just unzipped them there? Or is there something I should run in the newly created /firefox folder in order to install the new version? If so, what? If so, how do I identify that type of file for future reference?

Thanks in advance.

The answer depends on type of DSL install and type of application.
Frugal and live CD is better to use MyDSL extensions. There already is a Firefox 2.0 extension for easy loading and use.

If you did a traditional hard drive install, then it is very much open to  typical binary installs, follow the respective website instructions, or try a Debian package. For source installs you need to get the development suite.

Frugal and live CD are popular because you cannot mess it up.
Tradational hard drive install can suffer from the occasionaly OOPS.

I just followed the hd install instructions (from the wiki).....I booted the LiveCD, Termed as root, did "dsl-hdinstll", chose grub, and viola - up and running.

"find * MyDSL" (and variations = mydsl, MYDSL, myDSL) yield no results. Is it safe to say that it didn't install? If not how do I install? Start over? (that's not as unactrative as it has been in past attempts to install Linux) If start over, since the wiki directions didn't guide me there..What steps should I take?

While awaiting your reply, I'll read the forum section on MyDSL.....

Pfffft.....It was on my to see if I can figure what to do wih it......

Under MyDSL - Net, I find Firefox 1.2 but not 2.0.
It appears that in order to load a MyDSL extension that it has to have an extension of ".info" - correct? How would I create this (I can't ask in the appropriate forum because it's closed)?

the pointer to MyDSL seems to have me going in the right direction. Thx

I'm going to that Section (I saw only the deprecated b4) to read and post further in there, if I need.

Mods Please Note that I consider this thread closed & you may do so officially :) Thx

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