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I'd like to have as simple discussion board as the classic wwwboard but in php.
Basically only one area where to discuss. Lightweight. Must run with monkey + php. NoSQL req. had such board once...

I've heard good things about PunBB, although I have no experience with it.
It requires a database, but sqlite will work

Heh, I did set up a test forum that used PunBB that never went public, but from that experience I can tell you that the setup was very quick and easy, pretty secure (or so I hear), and that the interface was simple but easy to navigate.  The installation itself was compact enough, but I don't know how it holds on the db side.  If you want heavy modifications by downloading extensions or the like, this one might not be for you though.
Best I could find was this:

But it's not like the old wwwboard. ;(

Why I'm searching such lightweight and simple forum is because I'd like to add to it to my DSL server project.
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