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Hello all,

I much prefer DSL remain a very portable (nomadic) distro, without locking itself to a specific platform.

If somebody wants to add some kind of MYDSL extension to make things happier on netbooks, that's fine.

I run DSL off live CD, embedded with QEMU, on Virtual PC, and frugal install on 4 laptops.  Please keep on trucking with the small is beautiful, run anywhere philosophy!!!

Hi all.

I feel myself totally misunderstood! :(

I can also suscribe Nigadoo's sentence
I much prefer DSL remain a very portable (nomadic) distro, without locking itself to a specific platform.

But today, in practice, DSL is locked to old computers. What I propose by mentioning netbooks is not to change the DSL philosophy, but instead, to base DSL in a kernel which allows it not only to run in more modern computers, like netbooks as today does, but being able to take profit of all their functions. Mainly being able to manage a wifi connexion.

The problem is not to be solved by any mydsl extension, but by a more modern kernel


Actually the new kernal doesn't even support most netbook wifi cards, you need to use madwifi(at least for eee). And don't say DSL is locked into old computers, it most definitely is not, and to say that netbooks are new computers is a little off(the hardware is quite old and underpowered). I'm happy to say that I'm running dsl on a 1 year old pc, and it runs perfectly fine. If all you want is for the new kernal then why not just say it, don't say that you want it to include things for netbooks and than say that all thats needed is a more modern kernel, when it isn't.
I don't get it. After reading John's Site News, what does 100 MB mean?

Is this 'core' business is off the books then?

The core concept exists but has been "forked" by Robert as a new project separate from DSL (Tiny Core Linux). I'm not going to give the url here as John had removed earlier announcement of it. Google it if you're interested.

As for the future DSL, I also wonder what will happen. I see there could be a core concept too or we keep the apps in the base (either below the 50Mb limit or over it). Perhaps it could be possible to make DSL more lightweight by replacing some of the GTK apps with FLTK equivalent, so 50Mb limit could be retained.

Perhaps it's this linux kernel philosphy that's the problem.
I'd like to see loadable drivers (without recompiling the kernel), is that possible?

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