DSL Ideas and Suggestions :: Dillo says hi

Dillo gets even better.Hurrah, I use Dillo a lot.
Still haven't tried to compile it in DSL, but thought I'd mention...
I'm guessing there'd be a redundancy issue if this was included in DSL base, since it uses FLTK 2.
DSL since 4.0 (I think) has FLTK 1.  Including Dillo 2 would require either statically linking FLTK 2 to dillo (added file size) or converting FLTK 1 apps to FLTK 2, or including both FLTK 1 and FLTK 2

I compiled fltk2 and dillo2 and have created rudimentary .dsl and .unc for these two packages, they both work fairly well.

However I'm come across a problem.  I need a way to stop the old dpi's from running before running the new dillo but I only need to do it once.  I was wondering if anyone has had an experience dealing with one and done scripts.

Also the new dillo doesn't handle most web pages yet.  If you browse their mailling lists you will see that they have had some problems implementing css support to a point where it will work so many pages with css (like the damn small wiki) don't show up when loaded.

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