DSL Ideas and Suggestions :: set hostname on hd-install

I think getting the option to choose your own hostname when ur installing DSL on a harddisk would be a cool (small) detail. Won't there be any problems when you have two pc's with the same hostname on the same network?

(PS: i've been on vacation for a few weeks, i now hope to join the discussions again here :))

Many routers don't give a damn about what your machines say they are called (ie don't care even if the dhcp client says "my hostname is box") and only work by IP addresses. If you have an entry for each comp in their hosts files, you can call them Larry and Huge with no relation to their real hostnames.
So, it doesn't usually matter.

But yeah, good idea :)

I like dsl-hdinstall and I'd like to choose the hostname when I install this os, ok it is a very very very small detail but I'd like it ! :)

At the end of DSL intallation how I can change the hostname ?


Add host=myhostname to the boot parameters in bootloader config.

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