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This is just for the first introductory week in the gaming forum.

Soon, I'll have only 1 or 2 that stick..

( for now, I've only "stuck" the ones we have in the repository )

Just getting organized with all the contributions.
It was helping me keep track of the new threads.

Perhaps I've bitten off too large a chunk o' goo here..
but we'll see how it goes..

Keep feeding me your thoughts, the feedback helps everyone.
I'll do what I can..


Noooo, youre doing a good thing, the only real things holding me back from using damnsmall linux full time,  was the difficulty of playing games and setting up printers, so youve got one out of the two.

I do have a recomendation for some games only 2 tho,
EgoBoo which is a cutesy dungeon crawler
and Eternal Lands, which is an free mmorpg, but I don't know if its open source.
It has a linux version which I've played, now, I have got it running, but I have never got past the login screen (maybe because my ISP is banned?) but It is possible to run it even with xfree86 apt-getted.

good job, ke4nt

forgot to add the url

anyone have any info on Quake 2 setup and troubleshooting on DSL:D
Did u find the post in the forums about setting up q2 on DSL ?

Basically, grab a pak0.pak file from your favorite copy of Q2,
or pull it out of the shareware package..

Place it into the base dir, and run the game..


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