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Where do I find this config file and what do I have to edit?

Sorry - used "Find" and had success (/home/dsl/.lxdoom/boom.cfg). Doubbled the screensize but now its very  - don't know how to say in english - pixelig. Smaller window ist better quality but very, very small.

Pixellated? Oder pixellany? The original DOOM for DOS had very low screen resolution too. We notice it more these days.
As far as episodes 2, 3, and 4 go, you still have to buy Doom.  Id released the Doom source code years ago, but they still hold the rights on the IWAD.  Just look on or somewhere and purchase Ultimate Doom, it's probably only a couple of bucks now.

And yes, Doom is very pixelated.  It originally rendered at 320x200, but it was playable on a 486 with 4 MB Ram, although some tweaking was required to get it to load.

Graphics limitations aside though, Doom still has some of the best gameplay ever, IMO.



You can play to this game with Doom Legacy and a free version of a iwad Freedoom.

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does anyone know where to find episodes 2,3, and 4 for playing on lxdoom?

Maybe you can buy it  :;):
Only the first episode is shareware!

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