Games :: MAME in fullscreen?

First problem was that on reboot it complained it couldn't find the XF86Config file... I eventually had to unzip and mount the minirt24 image and add the file there; I guess there's a timing issue with file restoration and Xfree86 starting (this is on a stock DSL install so it can't be a problem I've caused!).
Using a frugal?  Add /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to your ~/.filetool.lst and then use backup/restore.

My ultimate aim is to have a usb-key that can run xmame in fullscreen on any box so I'm going to do some digging around xfree86's documentation and see if I can come up with a general purpose config file that'll give 800x600 on any box and allow fullscreen.
This one might be kind of hard to do... unless you try to use some video-card detection (only preliminarily in xorg atm afaik, maybe there's another external program that could do this).  You can try just plan "vesa" - should work better than the tinyx xvesa that comes with dsl but has similar compatibility with better features - but doesn't have the benefits of using a specific driver.

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