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Sorry If this is not the proper area to ask this question. I am new to dsl, I have used Linux in the past but am still pretty slow at understanding it. I think there is differences in the packaging of files for different distros or something and maybe thats why I was confused before.

Anyways I have a few things I need/want to do with DSL and if you think I really should go with a different distro (for easiness of it and whatnot I will believe you).

I was running Fedora Core 5 on my old dell system. I go to the University of Iowa and the dorms have really fast internet so I figured I would try to set up a dedicated server for TFC on it. It worked out pretty well.

This year I won't be living in the dorms, and I would prefer to use my dell as a media center pc in my appartment, but a friend of mine just gave me a different computer to use. It has lower system specs but should still be usable. I want to try to use DSL though since it only has 256 mb ram and a smaller hd (20 gigs). It has a 2.53 ghz P4 though.

Anyways I was trying to get HLDS on this system and was having more trouble. I think I can get that part to work. How do I open up the .bin file in this? What commands should I use?

Then what I want to be able to do is tell the system to do a reboot every night at like 6 am or something and re-open the server. Because its not going to be in my room.

Finally I want to set it up so that I can upload maps to it remotely.

If any of this stuff is waaay easier to do in ubuntu or fedora I will upgrade the ram or something... But Ubuntus live cd installer wouldn't work at all so I dunno if theres other issues there. DSL installed fine.

Thanks for the help!

.bin could be executables.
In a terminal, use /path/to/my/file.bin to run it.  If it complains about it not being executable, use chmod +x file.bin

Yeah I will try that when I get home. Is there any linux program I could run to get that autoreboot thing though?

I didn't really even know what to search for.

Sorry, I only read the 1st bit of your post.

You can use something called cron for automated time tasks,
and have the hlds server load automatically upon reboot. ( see /opt/ )

For remote maps you could use an ftp/http server, for example.

Also, I don't think you can install Ubuntu from the livecd, you have to use the install cd.

256 mb of RAM is plenty enough - I used to host an hlds server on 64mb.

ok. Where is my desktop :( ? I am such a newb.
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