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EA games has made it pretty easy to set this server up.

As with all of my server setups they are harddrive installs. You could possible set this up on a usb device that was bigger then a gig in size, but I wouldn't. This one is also a computer hogg, it takes a lot of cpu & ram to run more then about 6 users. Mine is a p4 3.35ghz with 1 gig mem and it does ok with up to 20-25 on it, after that the internet connection peters out. It is not on all the time, usally on Friday nights & maybe Sat. look for "300c's Place" in the server lists.

How to do it, from a functioning DSL desktop:

1.  In a terminal window, with root access type the following.


2.  Once it is downloaded, type the following:

gzip -d bf2-linuxded-1.1.2878-710-installer.tar.gz

3. When that finishes, type the following:

tar -xvf bf2-linuxded-1.1.2878-710-installer.tar

4.  Next, type the following:


You will need to follow the directions for the remainder of this install. Accept the lic. for EA and Punkbuster. If you get an MD5 ERROR you will need to redownload the server package. Mine was very picky about the connection to EA during the download.

5. Once the install has completed you will need to configure it.
Basically all you need for the min. is a name for your server, an ipaddress, and the names of the maps you want running.

This is a link to a basic installation page that I used to get it running.

They even go over controlling your server after it is running.
Happy hunting... :D

Just as a note the instructions say to type to start the server. This starts the standard BF2 Server. The command " +modpath mods/xpack" starts the Special Forces server.

Happy hunting.

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