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I could start a ADOM server.
Why to run adom on server?
Because a little competition with high scores.  :;):
Who's gonna survive longest?
And those with multimedia mobile phones could play wirelessy!  :D
How about adding ADOM to MyDSL --> Games?

ho-hum, this topic is old, but meh.

ADOM is still one of my favorite games, and I was heartbroken when I didn't see it in the myDSL repository. However, if you're lazy/stupid (like me), you can try to install the tar.gz of ADOM as a myDSL extension, and it'll install anyways.

As for my highscores, I keep getting killed in stupid ways, such as starvation, poison, traps, etc. so my highscores are kinda low :P

original here.