Games :: smaller & easier games for children

supertux doesn´t work with 486. It is a bit too slow even with my pentium 266MHz laptop..

Try to find a C64 emulator for DSL. Those games are really light and fun. (I have 6000 C64 games.. and emulator :D)

It is suprising what they could make for 4,7MHz C64. Good games with graphics and sounds etc

One good emulator can be found at:

and ~6000 games can be found for example from: (only 500MB)

Have fun  :D

And you can kill any X-program in DSL using xkill...

right click anywhere on the desktop, ant it is in  aplications/tools/xkill or something like it.

Then just press left mouse button to kill the nonresponsive program..

Hi monocycle ,about games for children , forget about linux :P use dosbox or on your 486 make a dos partition , i.e. with russian pts-dos (thats what i did) and look at : "" for games like "playroom","mother goose" or "hangman" , I think those old dos programs do a lot for their small diskspace

original here.