DSL Embedded :: Xorg?

No, i don't have it installed, no frugal thing, all i did is copy the files from the CDrom to the HDD and make it bootable with syslinux.
Well, you did a manual frugal install :)

The scripts from livecd only copy files and make it bootable, just like you did. Just a different bootloader.

oka, i think i got Xtrident to load in DSL, but i cant find that .xserverrc file. Where is it, and how to open it?

edit: i was able to find .xserverrc, edited it, quitted X (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE)
then putted Sudo X.
Then got into X, but takes forever to load.... (not done as i write this, got an 'x' as cursor and thats it)

I think you need to start X as a normal user (i.e. don't use "sudo") - if you edited .xserverrc correctly, then "startx" should work.
Just starting X does not start anything else - it's not slow, it's fast and fully loaded at the X pattern.
Like Juanito said, use "startx" to get the full environment.

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