DSL Embedded :: xfree86 help

when i set up xfree86 then restart the whole thing, xfree86 gives me this message:
"server error: no screens found."
why am i getting this?

Did you set up the XF86Config-4 configuration file for your hardware? This error message sounds like it comes from a mistake in the configuration file.
no, i just used the example vesa to try to get it working(no modifications). i did however look at the file to see if i could modify it, but it looks a bit complicated
If you google on xf86config-4 and the name of your graphics card, you will probably find an example config file you can use more or less verbatim
nope no luck. i have an ati radeon 9550 agp card w/256mb
couldnt find a radeon 9550 config file anywhere. only thing i found was driver setup on the ati page for linux, but im not sure that would help.
also have usb mouse.

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