DSL Embedded :: please help with install on HP EVO T20 thin client

Great ! I keep hope then for the T30 :)

If I can help testing, let me know (with my limited knowledge of course, currently playing with openwrt on a wrt54g)!

EDIt: forgot to mention, I have the WincE version of the Evo T30: 238622-01 32Mb Flash 64 Mb ram

I would be very happy just to be able to use it with firefox or ther webbrowser & to use it to displya photo's coming from a samba drive!

sorry for reviving a dead topic, but since my question is related I didn't want to make another thread.

I'm currently trying to get a few Win CE Evos, both T20s and T30s, converted to DSL and I noticed everyone points to Thunderlords website. However, it is now gone. Has anyone saved his work somewhere else? I'd really like to get the pxe file that one other site referenced that he had on his site. I've been throwing every image file program I had at the bootp.bin these things used and had no luck.

there are lots of interesting info on http://sourceforge.net/mailarc....discuss


Thanks! Got one of my 16/32s going with baldar's bootp and DSL 4 installed on the usb flash drive.

Upgrades done.

Ram upped to 160mb
Baldars flash image with 2.6 kernel ( DSL seems to run ok on 2.6, just a few gripes durring boot up, nothing serious)
1 gig SD card in Lexar USB reader.

With Baldar's flash, your system needs to be on sda3.

I do need to unplug and replug my reader on reboot to get the system to see the drive, but that seems to be the only bump on start up.

Also, the sound isn't working, but I can live with that. My NTe Evo can do MP3's, I mostly did this one for Web Surfing, and DSL doesn't do Flash anyways.

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