DSL Embedded :: How to put the /home directory in /mnt/hdb

When I'm installing the embedded version of DSL on my TrekStore Pendrive it works pretty fine.
Then I install a USB Harddrive with qemu-img.exe. This harddrive works also very fine.
The harddrive is mounted on /dev/hdb.
Now my question: Is it possible to put the /home directoy onto the usb harddrive? I need a solution to have my configurations saved. I'm a linux newbie please show me some tricks how my configurations can survive reboots  :;):

See cheatcode pages in wiki: you can boot with home=
Hello !

I follow this tuto for having a "persistent home" : Persistente DSL wiki
I can acces to this directory : /mnt/hdb/home/dsl
and create a file.
But when I reboot dsl-embedded, there is no my file.
What is the problem ??


All is okay with this version of DSL : 3.4.3

original here.