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Hello all,
I've recently been playing around with some other distros, and decided to do it without installing GRUB on my HDD. That works just fine; I can just pop in a USB GRUB stick, enter my settings manually, and *POOF* Fedora 9 boots.

The problem is that my DSL 4.4 uses GRUB 0.91, and (it seems) the newer kernels need 0.97.  So far I've managed to totally trash my DSL stick's GRUB in a botched attempt to upgrade it ( no worries, I've backups somewhere).  I'm about to set off on a quest to redo my DSL stick and try to do it right.  In this case, doing it right will mean installing grub to the /boot partion of my fedora install, and using that to install the newer GRUB over the old one in my DSL stick.  This is instead of just trying to dd the GRUB stage_1 and stage_2 onto the DSL stick.

The question is:
why are we using such an old version of GRUB? is it size? or are there real compatibility issues that will doom my second attempt?

many thanks

The problem is that my DSL 4.4 uses GRUB 0.91, and (it seems) the newer kernels need 0.97
I don't think it matters what bootloader you are using.

DSL v4 does not need a newer grub to work. Boot loaders are your choice.

I have posted a newer grub (v0.97) bootfloppy which is/will be required with the new version of DSL.

and (it seems) the newer kernels need 0.97

What? Are you sure? I think it's more likely your filesystem has better support in 0.97 / you have ext2/3 using large inodes which weren't supported by even 0.97 but there's a patch for 0.97..

Robert, is there some specific reason to using 0.97 for Core?


I have spent some time with my friend Google, and found a lot of people reporting that the reason they had trouble with kernels after 2.6.22 is that they had GRUB 0.91 or so, and needed 0.97.

No one reports that they know why this is so, and most of the info is from forums, saying that googling led to this conclusion.

There would seem to be no primary source for this information.

the search continues.

EDIT: I have been googling "grub no setup signature found"

EDIT mark 2:

is the single most comprehensive explanation of the problem I've seen.

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