USB booting :: faster pen drive boot?

curiosity question:  would RAIDing pen drives speed the boot?  heard mention that pen drive bootin is slower than hard drive.
i am not familiar with usb hardware architecture, but boards with multiple controllers might have enough parallelism to see a benefit.
anyone tried?

Software raid is easy. I doubt there is any hardware usb flash raid devices (Short of usb->ide or usb->sata, but those are on the wrong side of usb to work like you want). Software raiding (or simple, parallel access) would need to be programmed into the boot kernel, and be pretty system-specific, but should be easy, afaik. Just like copying two files from two different harddrives on separate controllers.

you seem to be thinking along the same lines.  i guess software raid does not mesh well with DSL philosophy, adding what 99% of users would perceive as bloat rather than functionality.  personally, i am intrigues by the idea of a box with zero moving parts, since generally, electronic reliability exceeds mechanical.  ( i have had a couple of bad experiences recently.  a disk crash and a cpu fan failure.)  perhaps improving data throughput on a 1GHz fanless machine is wasted effort?
It's by no means wasted. But instead of trying raid, you could make a remaster for that machine, customizing the scripts and the kernel, to have faster booting no matter the device used.

Also, usb boot is faster than cd boot ever, and more quet than a hd, so it's still worthy.

agreed.  i am trying to set up a fanless, diskless box.  looking forward to seeing what it will do.  i imagine i'll be back with questions on tuning, remastering, etc. after i get all the pieces.

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