USB booting :: Problems about DSL booting from USB drive

Hello,today I made a USB drive bootable DSL according to the guidance here( ... id=24&Itemid=27), and have entered the LINUX system.but there are some problems which keep troubling me,here is one of the problems:

The USB drive bootable DSL do not support Linux.
Although I could find and select chinese simple/traditional in the language setting of the explorer, the chinese words could not display in the explorer.

Hoping to get help here,Thanks

Not being able to read chinese has nothing to do with USB booting.

Aside from that, by 'explorer'? do you mean Firefox? To read chinese in firefox, you need to install chinese fonts.

Thank you,humpty.

Sorry for my poor English. Your meaning is:

1. USB booting DSL could not read chinese without additional setting. But after setting, chinese words could be supported in DSL?
2. USB booting DSL does not support chinese at all? Nothing could make USB booting DSL support Chinese.

I wish your meaning is 1,hehe.

The troubles that could not read chiesed is in Firefox on DSL, and I could not open this website (

The meaning is (almost) 1 (!)
DSL is not supporting any chinese system or unicode internally. But firefox can still display chinese fonts if the fonts are available.

How to install the fonts;
Code Sample

Search 'google' for taipei16.pcf.gz. and download these fonts ( sizes 16,20,24) to your home .fonts/ directory.
Also create a file called  fonts.dir  to the same directory with the following lines;

taipei16.pcf.gz -taipei-fixed-medium-r-normal--16-150-75-75-c-160-big5-0
taipei20.pcf.gz -taipei-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-200-big5-0
taipei24.pcf.gz -taipei-fixed-medium-r-normal--24-240-75-75-c-240-big5-0

Edit .xinitrc and add near the top add this line;     xset +fp $HOME/.fonts


Again, fonts and usb are not related.

Thanks, I will try it soon. :D
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