myDSL Extensions (deprecated) :: Extension icons ??

I have created a .uci of the latest Opera browser 8.50.  It looks like I have it working ok but I have a question.  I put the following files in /tmp/myds.icons  and put then in the user.tar.gz file.


When I load the .uci it places them in /home/dsl/.xtdeskop and displays the icon in the desktop.  That all seems to work.

When I unload the .uci using the myDSL button of emelfm should the icon disappear from the desktop and the files get deleted from /home/dsl/.xtdesktop?

That does not seem to be happening and I thought it worked that way on another .uci I built.

I would like to know it is working ok before I submit it to the repository.

I assumed that /tmp/mydsl.icons was used at runtime...not something the user or packager has to deal with.  If you put the icons in /opt/whatever/user.tar.gz as home/dsl/.xtdesktop/* they should be removed when the extension is umounted.
I think your extension also needs to have the same name as the icon....opera850.uci

Thanks mikshaw
It looks like moving the .png and .lnk files to /home/dsl/.xtdesktop makes it work like I thought it should.  I just submitted the .uci to the repository.
Opera no longer has banner ads in the latest free version.  I'm thinking this may be a popular extension.
thanks again

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