myDSL Extensions (deprecated) :: mounting a uci

It's easy to open a .tar.gx file to explore it's contents and even repack it.

.icu files are not so easy. Is there a series of commands that allow opening a .uci file, editing it's contents, and repacking it besides mounting it as an extension, and then following the instructions for creating a new extension?

This example will be for a uci that mounts in /opt/myapp.
If you are not editing the user.tar.gz file:
1) mount the extension.
2) copy /opt/myapp somewhere writeable.
3) make changes.
4)From outside the new myapp directory:
chown -R 0.0 myapp/
mkisofs -R -hide-rr-moved -cache-inodes -pad myapp/ | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > myapp.uci

If you are editing user.tar.gz, edit it as a regular tar.gz extension before creating the uci

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