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Hi Everyone,

I ran a frugal install and followed the steps in a .pdf file I found here. It went really well and all seemed to make sence.

I set the MYDSL= setting to point to the root of the second partation on my hard disk. (/dev/hda2)

When I download extensions and put then in that folder (and reboot) nothing appears to happen. I can load them manually from that location with out any problem.

How can I tell what the Frugal boot settings are?

Heaven forbid I made a typo :)


it should work if you remove the "/dev" part, and use lowercase:

Where does it read this value from during boot up.
I don't need to put anything in at the boot prompt.

I'm sure this is in the documentation somewhere.
Please don't make me go read it :)


well...reading is a good way to learn.

Could you clarify what you're saying, just a little?  The init scripts (mostly knoppix-autoconfig and dsl-config) read these things from /proc/cmdline, which is created from the boot input.  This input is both the boot prompt and the options set in your bootloader.

Hi Milkshaw,

I think you answered my question. I'm away from my DSL machine at the moment so I can't check it out right now.

Just for clarity and for the information of others who may be reading this....
When I ran the frugal install I was prompted for answers that I would for a livecd system type in at the Boot: prompt. (I don't think I see the boot prompt any more). I was wondering where the frugal install thingy had stored these values so I could go and see if I had made any mistakes and fixem up.

So from what you have said it looks like the place to look is /proc/cmdline.

BTW :)
I was only joking about the read the manual thing. I always try and find the answers to my questions by reading (or at least searching) before I ask a question. I only put that there because I was fealing a little guilty about not searching too hard for an answer before asking a question. I guess I'm just keen to get gpsdrive up and running on DSL.

Thanks so much for your help with this.
If I manage to get this into any kind of reasonably safe state I'll look into posting it up here for others to use.


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