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friedgold:  Yeah, I am just as confused as you.  It says you can re-license your new package with the GPL if you wish; however, I think the LGPL is more restrictive (generally speaking) because of this line, "We call this license the 'Lesser' General Public License because it does Less to protect the user's freedom than the ordinary General Public License."  I have not, and probably never will, read through both licenses and compare/contrast them.  You may be absolutely correct.

Also, you are both totally correct on the gtk issue.  It is, in fact, the gtk elements that are distributed under the LGPL.  I misread.  I ass/u/me(d) that was their license because it was the only reference to a license that I ever saw when I downloaded and installed the software.  Now that I see their real license, I see how moronic it is.  It makes no sense.  "You may not ... attempt to discover any source code in the Software," yet they include it in their package!!! WTF!

Anyway, I think it is best that I not get the great folks at damnsmall involved in this.  Their time is much better spent NOT worrying about corporate greed and ignorance.  I will do as their license says.  Since there was no license with the software I received directly from AOL, I shall put my own (and only) copy on "the single computer or device from which I plan to access and use the Services."  It is not my fault if that computer or device happens to be a server with a shared directory.  It is up to all of you not to download my file.

On a totally different and unrelated note not concerning the above what so ever, it’s the weekend and I plan not to touch a computer for the next two days.  So if you are waiting something from me (such as a link of some sort, or a project I may or may not be working on) then you will have to wait until at least Monday.  

Please don’t yell,

-Fuzzy (but not The Fuzzy) :;):

No problem...

Tnx for the effort..

It is easy to download, and it runs well in DSL.
Perhaps a link for everyone to go get the good stuff ?


Instead of uploading the file I think it is better to show people some of what I have learned playing with .dsl files.  I was writing out a simple howto along with basics on what a .dsl file is and how it works, but I accidentally closed flwriter and now everything is gone.  So, once the vein in my head subsides I shall start over.  Also, instead of posting the howto here, I think it will go under DSL tips and tricks under the name "dsl extension basics."
I hate when that happens....

Awaiting your howto.


I would love it to support MSN...I know, I know, but that's what my family uses...
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