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Hi Everyone,
I have seen some interest here from time to time for GPS software. I found a program called GPS Drive that seems quite good.

I have compiled simple stuff before (not for DSL) but when ever I try anything even slightly complicated I wind up going into a downward spiral of missing libraries and dependancies that I don't understand. I'm just after some advise on how hard this is going to be.



Helo Again,

Well I decided to have a go at compiling it anyway.  What Have I got to loose :)

I assume that the way to do this is to actually compile it on DSL.

It looks like I managed to get the gcc compiler to install ok.

I managed to download the source of the application to a persistant folder on my CF disk.

The build instructions that came with it tell me that I need the development packages for the following things.

GTK 2.2.x
xdevel (X11 Development)

The first step to build the app is to do a ./configure
I tried that and it had a winge about the GTK being missing.  Which is fair enought as I haven't installed it yet :)

I see talk here about GTK2 but I assume these are run time packages.  

Can anyone assist me in finding the bits I need?

Thanks in advance

The current version of DSL , and it's kernel, is based on the
KNOPPIX_V3.4-2005-05-17-en.iso version of Knoppix.

Using this will give you a much more robust environment to compile
things for use in DSL..

For smaller projects, there is the kernelsources.dsl and gcc1.dsl extensions
that plug--n-play into DSL for some compiling needs..


Hi Ke4nt,

Thanks for the reply, I am running the latest version of DSL unless a new one has been released in the last few weeks and I have missed it.

It goes like a rocket by the way. (frugal install with toram option)

I'm not quiet sure what you are sugesting I do about my compile problem?


(David thinks about it some more)

I think I get it.  Your saying don't compile it in DSL use the Full knoppix version....


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