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Hello all.  I'm a newbie to Linux and really like DSL.  I was trying to stop the "getting_started.html" document from opening on every boot.  As you know, it's easy to find it if you need it.  I'm trying to save resources at boot-up and don't like having to close it every time.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?


I`m not sure which post it is, but just go to SEARCH

 and type in " Dillo ", it`s the brouser that starts up,

 and you should find the post about stopping it.

Q: How do I prevent the getting_started.html file from opening at boot time?

A: Open Emelfm and click on the 'H' in the upper left hand corner of the left pane showing the /home/dsl directory. Scroll down to the .xinitrc file and choose 'Edit' from the Emelfm button menu. Look for the dillo line that appears just before 'fluxbox' at the end of the file and place a '#' in front of the word dillo. Save and exit the file and you should be all set.

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Thanks to sunburnt and clivesay.  I'll give it a whirl.  

The only word I can think of for DSL is "cool".  I put it on a Gateway 2000 P5/100 workstation with only 49 MB ram.  It's a slow boot, but with Dillo, I actually get a pretty decent web browsing experience.  Dillo is so fast, that with any slowdowns, I usually attribute it to the internet bogging down.  With the outstanding desktop, my attic-ware looks and feels new again!  DSLinux is lean and mean!


CL, gotcha covered.
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