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Okay, I know we have Gphone and it works fine, but I still want suggest Teamspeak 2.

Its the voice equivalent of IRC.

As stated on the site the requirements are as follows.

   * Distribution of Linux
   * Pentium 166 mhz
   * 64 MegaBytes of RAM
   * 10 MegaBytes of harddisk space
   * An X server (like XFree86)
   * An Internet connection or LAN
   * A full-duplex soundcard
   * A microphone (if you want to be able to talk, not just listen)

DSL meets this. And it would be cool to hear all of your voices in chat!


teamspeak 2 is very good, i use it all the time under windows, like every day.
Its not going to run well on older machines though and its fairly large. but it would be very cool as a .dsl

heh, that's why it's in the MyDSL Extensions forum ^_^

yes, i was suggesting this as a DSL.

well, i got it built (its actually pre compiled), but am having problems with permissions.

might have to make the shortcut as "sudo /opt/TeamSpeal2R2/TeamSpeak"

when i get it workin, i'll submit it.

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