water cooler :: Why did you get DSL?

What was your purpose for download it and running it.

The size, and I wanted to learn more about linux.

I had a bunch of junk parts lying around and built 2 computers (Both 225Mhz and 128MB ram).  I was new to Linux, but had already had success installing a webcam on a Linux machine (Mepis to be precise).  While I liked (and still like) Mepis, these machines were too slow to run it on and they only have 500 and 850MB hard drives.  I searched around for a mini-distro and found DSL.  I have been playing exclusively with DSL ever since.  Mepis just sits in the corner quitely and does it's job.  

I love Linux because once the computer is set up I never have to worry about it.  I have had the webcam running for over 6 months and have only had to reset the machine once and that was because the router died and I don't know the Linux command to reissue an IP (ifconfig something eth0???).  

Anyway, that's my story about how I found DSL.  Eventually I will probably give the two old machines to a school (my mum is a 1st grade teacher).  I have found a few educational games but I want ALOT of little games and educational packages on these machines before they go out.  With a frugal install the computers should last damn near forever.

I use it for the following reasons:

-The size
-Wanted to know more about Linux
-has all the apps I want
-portable (use it all the time in my college's computer lab)
-runs on older computers

The computers that have DSL installed are as follows:

Compaq Presario 1200 XL118:
500 MHz AMD K6 with 3DNow!
6GB hard drive
shared Trident CyberBlade i7 graphics
Frugal install

A computer that my grandma gave me:
800 MHz AMD Duron
30GB hard drive
8MB NVIDIA Vanta graphics card (eVGA)
Frugal install

Edit:  The computer that my grandma gave me is now running Ubuntu.  I now use DSL on older hardware than that and as a live CD.

Also, my Compal DL70 laptop doesn't run DSL very well.  It doesn't stretch to 1680x1050 with its Mobility Radeon X600.  I don't have time to fool around with my Win XP partition, xfree86, or the ipw drivers.  KANOTIX better suits my needs for that system.

My reasons for starting to use dsl are much like others. I had an old 233mhz with 128mb ram and I needed something that would run smoothly but was also up to date. I also wanted to start learning about linux and it seemed like a great distro because although most things are fairly straight forward, not everything is spoon fed to you.
I got DSL for several reasons:

- I was in search for the best distro that suits my need
- I wanted a distro that is speedy
- With excellent hardware detection
- It comes with apps that I would expect that is included
- And with MyDSL and apt-get, I can get more apps if I wish to

Keep up the good work John  :;):


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