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Finding out new things each day keeps things fresh. For example freeing some frustrations with some apps the Doom process manager is great :)
Sick of computers? I only wish my frustration were limited to such. Some of you know the development environment that I have had to deal with for several years. And so it goes. Except this time, I am closer to a crossroads than ever before. What should be an exciting time, sharing my alpha builds and seeing the community embrace and extended in a very postive way, I am instead burdened with the same as in years past. And every so often the burden is more than I can bare and the so question arises, do I stay, do I go, do I take what is mine and start anew? It is very difficult to develop with such a burden.
Welll...there's the Clash...."Should I Stay Or Should I Go"...staying is usually the most rewarding answer unless she's a psycho.
Then there's "Blackbird" fron the Beatles..."Take these broken wings and learn to fly", which implies taking your life experiences, good or bad,  and making the best of them.

Then there's "Crossroads" from Robert Johnson, but honestly I don't know what that one was about...

I did not mean for my raising the question of which version of libpng should be in the compile extension to be a complaint of what was in or not in core.  Looking back it may have looked that way, but I was rather meaning that we should adjust the compile extension if necessary to use what is in core.  I am sorry if that caused you to feel pressured about the next cut of dslcore.  

JW. Nothing to do with your post. Nothing to do with any community member. Your many valued contributions will not be for naught.
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