water cooler :: 99.99% high school seniors can't read Perl

Couldn't sleep early this morning, had a good laugh when I read this:

Test shows 99.99% of high school seniors can't read Perl

And these, by the same satirist Brian Briggs:

Microsoft purchases evil from Satan for $2.7b

Google using privacy data to build clones

RIAA making big donation to SETI; hopes to sue aliens

"... it is likely that an alien civilization is picking up our broadcasts. "If they're picking up a broadcast then they are probably recording the songs and sharing them illegally. Copyright laws don't end at the edge of the solar system."

Turing test proves 2-year olds not human

" .. The non-human kept writing gibberish, if they wrote anything at all. It was as if someone was just banging on the keyboard with tiny little fists."

God creates universe in 7 days; Perl Gods not impressed

Kosman continued, "And 'Hey, God!?' there's a MODULE for assembling nucleic proteins and amino acids.  Try 'Use Biology::DNA'.  These amateurs always try to re-invent the wheel.  And that platypus... could only be the result of unorganized spaghetti code.  Next time try running your code with '-w' and 'use strict'.  Then that sort of stuff won't happen.

Probably old to some but I hadn't seen this site before.  More of this enlightened nonsense on the BBSpot site eg http://www.bbspot.com/archives/index_tech.html

Cute!! :)

original here.