water cooler :: My server is up

Couple of days ago I was bored, so for fun I put up a server ;)
Took some days to get creative enough to create a minimal site though..

Just because I could, I gave myself a top security SSL cert (256bit aes/1024bit rsa) and made my server always encrypted, even if you go to http:// :D

It's slightly empty-ish, but you can find plans for ucDSL there.


PS: please click "if you trust me" on the first page, to accept my root certificate. Thanks!

Oh, as I don't consider myself even a poor developer yet, but a poor student, it will turn itself off for nights (at 23:00). I'll turn it on in the mornings if I remember, so if you can't access, don't fret..

Gotta save some electricity, right Lucky?

Gotta save some electricity, right Lucky?

Sure, save a polar bear. Is that 2300 your time or UTC (if you're not UTC yourself)?

My time. Gmt+2, but currently in DST which would make it gmt+3.

I'd rather save a penguin, but if a polar bear comes with it (not eating the penguin though ;) it's fine by me :)

I'd also like comments on uClibc DSL in this thread, pretty much nothing's decided yet
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