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Has that ever happend to you? While setting in a coffee shop or at a library has anyone ever asked you what you are running when they looked at your screen? The United States has some pretty weird laws like you can't use an ipod or a cell phone while walking in New York City or that town in Maine thats makes it illegal to run an open Access Point(please correct me if I got the state wrong) Will there soon be laws against linux,because its just defferent? I actualy overheard someone in an office building saying that linux is a hacker OS. He must have read that story about the hacker son on www.adequacy.org
Your laws and legal system are well and truly messed up, but your tax situation is much better than Britain's.
There was a bit of exaggeration in that post.  It's definitely *not* illegal to walk around while using a cellphone or ipod...that would be just stupid, and would never become law.  There is legislation (either on the table or on its way to the table...not sure which) that would make it a ticketable offense to cross occupied streets while using these appliances, or to use them while you are driving.  I don't think that's a messed up regulation.  Hopefully it will prevent some accidents.
It's been illegal to cross in the middle of a block for years, and I don't recall anyone making a big stink about it (and most of the time people are not ticketed for jaywalking anyway)

I've never heard of anything in Maine that outlaws sharing your wireless, and i live in Maine.

I think the fine is $100 currently in effect
... so it can be like getting parking tickets.

Mikshaw was right,my post was a little exaggerated. Yet, I do find it kinda of worrysome that there needs to be a no ipod/cellphone law for pedestrians. People are gonna get hit etherway. There is allways someone daydreaming and not paying attention(or is that just my problem while walking around lol)people need to always pay attention to there surroundings(this goes for the drivers to)Yes I have bee guilty a few times myself when crossing the street. If I get hit its my own fault. Well,the main reason for this account is because of something I overheard,and yes I admit it I read that adequacy.org article about the hacker son.Has anyone here read it?If not they probably died laughing! I almost did. While I myself do not have a "horror story"yet,does anyone else have one?
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