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I just found out the DSL native equivalent of minicom: microcom. I was glad to see it finding alone my US-Robotic on the serial port without specifying anything, but I cannot get it dial a number.
I assume I have got a problem with the handshake method but I cannot find out how to configure microcom.
Is there any help file somewhere?
Perhaps the solution is to add minicom extension, but I prefer to try getting first as much as possible from the native installation.

Since it's a modem, couldn't you just use PPP?
I first want to perform tests with the modem. I don't have anything to put on the other side yet. When it'll work manually, I'll try to set up a ppp server on DSL side for incoming connections.
But I may need to use the serial port as an hyperterminal too, in order to dialog with specific equipments. For that too I'd like to understand the possibilities and limits of microcom.

I think the help is here:

Very usefull! Thank you very much!
I had tried all the combinations of keys I knew. I would have never thought of ~ + something.

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